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Overview of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art often practiced with the aim of promoting health and longevity. Tai Chi is well known as the slow motion routines that groups of people practice together every morning in parks around the world, particularly in China. Some medical studies support its effectiveness as an alternative exercise and a form of martial arts therapy. Tai Chi Chuan is considered a soft style martial art - an art applied with internal power - to distinguish its theory and application from that of the hard martial art styles.

Personnel Comment:

Prior to practicing Tai Chi, I was extremely stressed and tensed, but when I started practicing, it does feel much better, I am calmer and I am able to control my emotions. I have joined Tai Chi Brunswick, I get a lot of help from the instructors and they are very friendly and patient. By going to Tai Chi, it helps me to forget my daily activities and to meditate and to meet friends there.

- Juliette Auffray

To whom it may interest,


I first came into with Wayne's Tai Chi group through a neighbour in my street who I discovered late in 2006 was practising Tai Chi with Wayne and others in our local park (Brunswick Park) on Sunday mornings.

Living so close to the park meant that it was too good an opportunity to pass up and I started attending the one hour practise sessions every Sunday at 10am.

I found out that as well as 'regular' Tai Chi, the group also practised with fans, 'poles' and swords, each with their own special characteristic moves. I attended the group's Wednesday night class at St Ambrose Church Hall in Brunswick soon after this and found the teaching night to be quite varied with several small groups practising different disciplines and levels of proficiency. The atmosphere was friendly and inviting and the class appeared organised and constructive. If not for another regular commitment that I have that night, I would have continued with these sessions.

I do, however, continue with the Sunday morning practise sessions and am happy with my 'slower' rate of learning. Due to the nature of the Sunday group which seems to be more about practising what has been learnt on the Wednesday night, it means that I have to be particularly concentrated so as to keep up with the other more experienced practitioners. Having had previous experience in a different style of Tai Chi helps in some ways but alternatively the group has assisted in the refinement of my practice generally.


Each of the four disciplines provide unique feelings of flexibility, balance, solidity, warmth and calm to varying degrees and while I am barely a beginner with this group, the benefits are more than obvious.

I would encourage any interested individuals to tast what is on offer with this Tai Chi group.

With Appreciation

William Thomson



My philosophy of living has improved with the practice of Tai Chi;

"Physically - mentally - spiritually": meaning

I face life without fear.

- Eduardo Perez


After suffering from chronic back pain, my doctor suggested I practice Tai Chi.


Being a timid person, my husband David suggested he join me in the classes. I had great difficulty in remembering the movements and with balance. But as time passed, I felt my back pain completely disappeared, and my balance improved tremendously. That was 12 years ago.


Today, David and I are instructors with Brunswick Tai Chi Centre where we have been from day one.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?

Immediate benefits are clearer mind, improved balance, increased flexibility, strengthening of muscle and correct body posture. This is achieved by the incredible number of joint rotations, starting from eye movements as you follow your hand, the neck will move from side to side, the turning of the palm, the rotation of the shoulders and turning from the waist. These very simple movements protect and strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons.


The psychological benefits are the unique body and mind link in Tai Chi exercises. As you direct your mind to focus on the moves, the link between mind and body is complete. The flow of Chi (energy) through the body's 12 main meridian (charkra) restores the balance throughout the body and improves the working of internal organs.


Apart from physical and mental benefits of practicing Tai Chi at Brunswick Tai Chi Centre, there is also much to gain socially. We have met wonderful people and made many lifelong friends. Through the Centre's Master, Wayne Pascu, we have indeed gained a lot.

- David and Sheila Kumar


Dear Wayne,

I just wanted to thank you for the improvement to my back since starting Tai Chi classes. I have a damaged disc in my back and regular Tai Chi is giving me greater flexibility and much less pain.

Also when I have to stand for long periods, or if singing in my choir, my Tai Chi stance is most helpful. I can stand for longer and without pain... YAY!



Leslie Davis


Tai Chi has become a popular way of exercising in a gentle, relaxed manner, not only for the more mature members of the community but also for the not so old. In our family we have three generations ranging from 12 to 70 year "oldies", practicing the art of tai chi in one form or another.


After a stroke in 2004, Tai Chi has been beneficial in aiding balance and co-ordination. This has been encouraged through a group of tutors at the Brunswick Tai Chi classes, who nurtured me using a series of exercises, allowing for progress at my own pace, and developing confidence in myself.


By using a holistic approach of slow, rhythmic breathing and movement, in a peaceful atmosphere, self-esteem does improve. For myself, the flowing motions create a feeling of well-being to the point where aches and pains are minimised, and the chi or energy flows through the body - being of benefit for Arthritis as well.


Daily practice improves the memory, gives more flexibility to the body, and enhances our health. In a family who is prone to high blood pressure, cholesterol, and strokes, we are aware of the need for a healthy lifestyle and the need to keep moving. A quick response to the stroke by using my little knowledge of Tai Chi exercises to regain energy, helped me greatly.

- Patricia Walden


I have recently studying full time as well as working full time and was looking for a way to relax and not think about all that was cluttering my mind. I saw an ad in the local paper for Tai Chi at the hall in Brunswick and decided to go along when the new term started, this was back in 2003. I was captivated by the graceful movements displayed, including the basic 'form' (levels 1 to 6) and the various 'weapons' classes, utilising the broadsword, the straight sword, the pole and the fan.


I found that when concentrating on the different Tai Chi movements, nothing else enters my mind, it's a great way to switch off. I also like the challenge of learning and refining new and different movements. The fresh air and sunshine of the park lessons on Sunday mornings provide another dimension well worth the early start!


Wayne is a great instructor, he explains each movement in great detail and emphasises the important elements of each movement to ensure a seamless transition from one position to the next whilst maintaining correct posture and balance. Wayne has a very warm, calm and friendly approach and he always takes back stage to what he considers the most important aspect of Tai Chi Brunswick - The People.


I have met a lot of lovely people over the years from very diverse backgrounds and of various ages. Whilst of late I have not been able to attend all classes, I know I can go there at any time and will always feel welcome.

- Jeanette Lodge


I have been attending Tai Chi classes for three years, I find it very relaxing and calming. Also my balance has improved.


- Pauline Roberts